8 Essential Tips For Working From Home

Man Working at Home Office Design Setup

Struggling to find the right motivation and discipline to work efficiently at home? You are not alone. Here are some tips from our workplace experts which can help you stay focused on your job with the correct mindset.

1. Finding the right and comfortable place to work

With the advancements in technology, employees can effortlessly continue to be productive at home with a smart device. However, the only downside is that your cozy abode may not be appropriately equipped with the appropriate furniture combination that suit your needs. Persist and keep exploring different work environment locations (at home) daily and settle down with the best location to go to.

2. Exercise before/after work

Working from home is bound to make you lazier and restless, but getting your body pumped up and sweaty, even if briefly, starts the day on a more energetic note. Make good use of the time you travel to work to go for a morning exercise instead (with social distancing of course). If you are not a morning person, try to squeeze in even a 15-20 minute workout after you are done for the day: Endorphins can make all the difference and exercise and lets you release stress at the same time.

3. Shower and change your clothes

This may seem pretty obvious and hygienic, but you will be surprised how refreshed and ready you are to kick start the day with just a nice shower. Obviously, you do not need to be suited up with a tie. A combination of your favourite top coupled with comfortable shorts is enough to make you feel like a functional adult again.

4. Communicate and connect with your family and friends

Feeling boxed in while working from home? Head to the app store and download House Party for a short break, to have some fun and connect with your colleagues. That can really do the trick and make your day.

5. Log out of your social media

Obviously, you are your own boss while working from home with your favourite tunes at full blast and near-constant social media browsing. Instead of being constantly glued to your social media page, you can consider signing out of the platforms to remind yourself that you are supposed to be focused on work.

6. Don't be Marie Kondo

Being at home whole day makes you realize the amount of household chores lurking in the corner such as floor to be swept and mopped, and dishes to be washed. Try not to let too much housework distract you during working hours, do all this household chores after your regular working hours.

7. What if my kids are home too?

Children are easily attracted to animated objects, thus it is important that you plan ahead to keep them occupied through the entire day. Be creative and think of activities to give them, such as light housework or cleaning up their play area

8. Set your priorities right

There are people who believe that “working from home” equals “not working at all” and will intrude your working hours with unnecessary calls or text.  Respond politely with “ Please call me back after I finish work” or “I will call you during my lunch break”. After all, working from home does not mean working all day and night as well.

Most importantly, explore and figure out what works best for you. While working from home is not necessarily for everyone, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude and mindset, especially in this trying period.

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