Have you ever walked into an office, as a client or customer visiting an office for various reasons, and encountered a space separated from the main working area, where other employees are seated?

This space is given central importance and recognised as the office breakout area. It is typically used for visitors to wait or for employees taking their breaks to either relax, eat lunch, or have informal meetings. This is especially the case when short meetings happen in the breakout room that allows people from different departments in an organisation to work together collaboratively.

An engaging and cosy office breakout area can act as a “safe zone” for your employees to relax and at the same time, recharge, and brainstorm for new ideas. It also allows employees, especially millennials, to feel valued and appreciated by the company as they recognise the area as an exclusive benefit for them. Essentially, the breakout room can be seen as a space for innovation and for employees to achieve a better work-life balance.

In addition, the breakout area is where visitors are seated and called upon when they are in the office. They will get a first-hand impression of the company based on the overall design of the breakout area. The space should present an aesthetically appealing interior design that makes the company look more professional and friendly.


Considering that the breakout room is separate from the working area, the furniture should provide a more relaxed and comfortable environment for employees to take their break and temporarily get away from any stressful situations. Therefore, the office breakout area furniture, such as the tables and chairs, tends to be more vibrant in colour and offers a youthful look. Such fun and unique office interior design can help to spur creativity and productivity, which is especially important if the breakout area is regularly used for social meetups and small team meetings.

Likewise, the breakout area can also be decked out in more muted tones to make the space more relaxing. This would be an ideal choice for companies with a more structured environment. In this case, the breakout area furniture has to balance maximum comfort and a clean design.


Whether you are looking for a cheerful or minimally decorated breakout space in Singapore, we can construct your desired breakout space with our expertise and efficiency. Our range of breakout tables and chairs in Singapore is specially designed to inspire collaboration between employees and is made from the highest quality materials to ensure that they are long-lasting.