Most people ignore the significance of office interior design. While the office must be functional so that employees may work efficiently and accomplish their goals, it must also be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to spur productivity, while creating a healthy working environment.

Multiple studies have shown that effective office interior design positively impacts employees’ well-being, making them feel less stressed and more connected with each other.

What’s more, the office space serves as an image of the company. Regardless of whether it is a client or potential customer coming down to the office, it is vital to make sure that the office interior design gives a positive impression that the company is not only professional but also welcoming and cordial.


The office conference and meeting room are arguably the two most essential areas in the office. Even though they may sound and look similar, they serve slightly different functions.

For example, the conference room tends to be more prominent in size and accommodates a larger group of people. As the name suggests, the conference room provides a comfortable and confidential space for video conferencing and board meetings. On the other hand, the meeting room is smaller and commonly used for smaller team meetings. 

Wilsin Singapore can help you visualise, plan, and design your office conference and meeting room interior design to your preference and needs with our services.


Aside from planning out the space and layout, we offer a variety of high-quality modern furniture to make your vision come to life, from executive and training chairs to ergonomic tables and configurable furnishings.

Whether you are gravitating towards contemporary trends or a more futuristic style for your office space, our furniture collection is versatile and can integrate well with many office interior designs. You can pick from Classic, Modern-Minimalist, Contemporary, Industrial, Mid-century, Scandinavian, Rustic design, and more. 

Drop by our physical furniture shop at Tagore Lane for a first-hand experience of our intricate furniture collection.


Suppose you are looking to optimise your office space to make it more visually appealing and practical to improve work performance. In that case, you can trust our designers to help you achieve your office interior design vision with our top-grade services. 

Our highly qualified office interior designer team in Singapore has many years of experience and knowledge in the strategic planning process of maximising the functional usage of offices from a wide range of industry sectors.

Whether your business is in the financial, medical or media industry, we understand and acknowledge the different office needs and expectations. We also consider the different kinds of communities in each office, so we develop a unique office interior design that complements the ambience.

Office interior design is a process of planning, designing, and arranging the furniture and other aesthetic details of a company’s physical office space. This process can improve an office’s aesthetics, boost employee morale, or increase functionality.

From choosing the suitable flooring material to selecting the right furniture, plenty goes into planning a good office interior design in Singapore. With Wilsin, you can create an office environment that inspires productivity and creativity and makes your employees feel at home."

Choosing the right office furniture and layout can create a productive and collaborative work environment, as well as a space where employees feel comfortable and inspired. With an office fit-out company such as Wilsin, the office interior design services they provide can create a beautiful and functional space that works for your company’s needs.

An office fit-out is a process of upgrading the interior of your office by installing new furniture, fixtures, and decor. The goal of an office fit-out is to create a workspace that inspires productivity and promotes employee retention. Wilsin ensures that every detail of your office fit-out is carefully planned and executed to achieve maximum efficiency through modern meeting room interior design and functional work desks.

A fit-out company is involved in remodelling or refurbishing commercial buildings and office spaces. These contractors typically specialise in the installation of new flooring, lighting, walls, and other elements required to make a commercial building functional.

Wilsin is an office interior design company that specialises in creating stylish and functional office interiors with a high degree of fit-out customisation to suit the needs of every business. From start to finish, our experts are on hand to help you every step of the way to create the perfect office environment.