Importance of a Condusive Work Space

It’s easy to forget that 3 years ago, most of us were working on-site. Remember your office? Currently, Work From Home (WFH) is no longer the default. However, most companies have opted for staggered returns to the office and even limit the office capacity to 75%. Whatever it is, it seems that we are approaching an endemic and returning to our offices.


What is your dream workspace like? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Is it conducive?


A conducive workplace offers boundless benefits, which is why it is a crucial aspect to consider when designing your office space. But what exactly should a conducive workplace look like?


What is A Conducive Workspace?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the words “conducive workspace”? Logically speaking, a conducive workplace should foster comfort through environmental factors such as air quality, temperature, noise levels, and the availability of natural light. On top of this, the environment should radiate positivity and productivity through the behavior and conduct of employees.


However, we should not forget the elements that largely contribute to an office’s atmosphere and mood. Furniture and office layout & design are crucial aspects to creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing office environment.


Why is it important?


Office Layout Directly Affects Productivity

In a business, our greatest priority is productivity. Productivity is key to a company’s profitability and in turn, success. In 1985, software engineers Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister, founders of The Atlantic Systems Guild, discovered that the layout and design of office space directly affect productivity.


Another study made in 2009 by the researchers at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology scrutinized the intricacies that link workplace productivity to office layout. The study was done by surveying 31 banking branches that spanned across more than 12 financial institutions in Pakistan. In conclusion, there is irrefutable proof that spatial arrangement, furniture, lighting, noise, and other factors directly affect employee productivity.


We understand that considering and planning for these factors can be overwhelming. That is why Wilsin believes in undertaking these duties on your behalf so that you can focus on the things that matter. At Wilsin, we can help you to create a conducive office space that motivates staff and improves work productivity.


Here is what Mandy, Business Development Director at Wilsin Singapore has to say about. 


Comfort Goes A Long Way

Everyone has heard of the infamous Google office. The lounge, a fantastic pantry, Google’s office has it all. These stunning office spaces actually serve as a fantastic recruitment marketing effort.


An average person spends one-third of their life at work. This makes our workspace our second home. Work can get a little bit hectic sometimes, which is why some employees seek a rest area for a short retreat or break. In fact, studies have shown that restorative spaces that let employees rest foster innovation. Below are some examples from Wilsin’s projects:

 Office Pantry; Office Breakout area; modern office


 Discussion Booth, Discussion area, break-out area

Here is what Sherry, Design Director at Wilsin Singapore has to say about the importance of a welcoming office environment:

“Lighting helps to improve the worker’s attitude and performance. Similarly, providing good music, access to snacks, can allow you to witness a boost in employee productivity. When employees are exposed to natural light in the right environment, it impacts productivity positively.”

Need some design ideas for your office space development project? Check out our interior design and renovation project for LG Electronics to see how we transformed their business goals into reality.


Employee Health

Without healthy and optimized workers, the productivity of a company naturally plummets. Ever heard of ergonomics? Plop ergonomics into your consideration for office furniture and it’ll do you wonders.


According to Forbes, the use of correct ergonomics can lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity, and reduce the severity of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which are the most frequently cited causes of lost work time. Some of the ways company can adopt ergonomically-friendly office space is by:

  • Adopting flexible and adaptable desk furniture (height-adjustable, mobile)
  • Choose chairs with back support
  • Equip your workstation with wrist pads and mouse pads

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Maximizing Space

We understand that every office has its space constraints and we are more than ready to work around them. “How do I fit a meeting room in this small office?” Fret not. Accumulating more than 30 years of experience has taught us that flexibility and adaptability are our niches.


Adopting office equipment that is easy to store and transform is key to maximizing office space. For instance, mobile/movable glass panels enable you to create segregation within a room, for more privacy. Stackable and nestable chairs with connectors also allow you to transform a meeting room into a seminar-style setup seamlessly. Click here to watch a video by Wilsin to see how we transform an office space into a meeting room in 7 minutes.  


Besides controlling the environment, what are some practices we should adopt in terms of hiring and employee work culture?


Hire committed employees

Sherry believes that a good work environment begins at the hiring process. At Wilsin, we hire people that are committed to the company’s goals. Minimally, they should display professionalism and work well in teams. However, the second we notice employees being a bad influence, we don’t hesitate to let them go. According to Sherry, “When you let good workers mix with toxic employees, they are more likely to develop a bad attitude.” Eventually, this could even affect their performance at work. Thus, letting toxic employees go will make the business's environment a better place. The business should never compromise on hiring less qualified personnel. That will only cause more problems in the long run.


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Communication is key in almost anything. In a workplace how employees interact with each other is important. According to Sherry, interactions between employees should be monitored by the management to ensure effective communication and transparency. The management can do so by setting clear communication policies and guidelines. The communication method chosen can help to create a relaxing environment for everyone. For instance, encourage open communication, civil and constructive criticism, and even ban the use of vulgarities to create a safe and conducive environment.


Now, we know that an office makeover can often be daunting. That is why we pride ourselves as a one-stop solution service for office space design. So, what can you expect from Wilsin? Let our Design Director take you through a summary of the process.

Wilsin Process infographics


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