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  • 8 Essential Tips For Working From Home

    8 Essential Tips For Working From Home
    Struggling to find the right motivation and discipline to work efficiently at home? You are not alone. Here are some tips from our workplace experts which can help you stay focused on your job with the correct mindset. 1. Finding the right and comfortable place to work With the advancements in technology, employees can effortlessly continue to be productive at home with a smart device. However, the...
  • Break Free & Break Out!

    Break Free & Break Out!
    With us spending much time at the desks glued to our computer screens, tablets and digital devices, the concept of a break out area is fast becoming attractive to employees. What is a break out area? A break out area is any space open to employees or visitors which is separate from their usual working area. These areas mainly provide employees an escape from their screens, to mingle,...
  • 5 Tips When Buying or Renting Your Next Office

    5 Tips When Buying or Renting Your Next Office
    Whether you are planning to purchase or lease your next office, there are several factors that you should consider carefully before committing to any commercial property. #1: Types of office spaces In Singapore, office spaces are classified into Grade A, B and C categories. Broadly speaking, Grade A offices are found in prime locations such as CBD area, mostly brand new, have recently been...