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Space-Efficient Office Break Out Area Singapore

With us spending much time at the desks glued to our computer screens, tablets and digital devices, the concept of a break out area is fast becoming attractive to employees.

What is a break out area?

break out area is any space open to employees or visitors which is separate from their usual working area. These areas mainly provide employees an escape from their screens, to mingle, relax and socialize to encourage bonding amongst the staff. It can also double as an informal meeting area where casual discussions take place.

How to create a space-efficient break out area?

An office break out area need not be extravagant or even take up much space. An approach can be as simple as using a screen system to section off part of your office and add some cozy office chairs and tables.

Take inspiration from tech giants such as Google and Facebook who take break out areas to a new level with innovative office interior design, remarkable themes and interesting furniture.

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