5 Ways to Get Your Office Space Ready for Productivity

5 Ways to Get Your Office Space Ready for Productivity

Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, it can be easy for your office to operate as little more than a place where the employees go to do their work. In such an environment, the staff may feel like they spend most of their time in the office putting out fires rather than working toward future goals. 

Without careful planning, your workspace may not be set up to support your team’s productivity. Your staff may be spending too much time looking for files or supplies, battling outside distractions like noise and other people, and struggling to focus on tasks when so many others are around them.

To create an environment that supports optimum performance from your team, here are some ideas for how to get things up and running again – with or without the help of office interior design services.

1. Create a place for everything and everything in its place 

The first step to getting your office space ready for productivity is establishing a system to manage the things that typically clutter up offices. When everything has a home, your staff can make use of the space more effectively and efficiently.

Setting up an organisation system in your office can be as simple as installing shelves and cubbies for supplies or setting up a charging station for phones and laptops. You can also set up a system for filing paperwork so that staff members don’t have to dig through boxes of documents to find what they’re looking for.

Stay organised with labels and create a system to ensure that important documents are filed in the right place. An organised office space not only makes it easier for staff to find what they’re looking for, but it also makes staff feel more at ease and calm while they work. When everything has its place, there’s less stress and anxiety about where things should go, and employees can focus on their tasks.

2. Revamp your workspace with furniture

When revamping the office workspace, you can also add furniture that will make your employees more comfortable and give them a sense of ownership over their spaces. 

Begin with the fundamentals: Use comfy chairs and workstations with ample room for your employees to work. You may also want to add seating that fosters collaboration and a sense of community among your team members.

Many office workstations in Singapore are designed to accommodate multiple employees, which means they don’t come with a dedicated desk. Invest in some communal tables or other furniture that people can gather around and turn into meeting areas. This way, you will be creating a productive workstation that caters to every employee’s needs. 

3. Add plants, brightness, and colour 

It’s known that introducing plants and other greenery to spaces can lead to better performance. If your office is a little drab, you may be missing out on this productivity boost. There are many ways to incorporate plants into your office, from a potted plant on your desk to hanging vines above your work area. Succulents are a good option as they don’t need much light, require little maintenance, and give a wonderful aesthetic to your office.

Brightness and colour have the ability to boost productivity as well. You can increase the brightness of your office in a number of ways, including painting the walls, adding lighting, and placing rugs or other materials that add brightness to your office. Colour can be a more expensive endeavour, but it can create a very effective boost to productivity.

4. Provide clear visibility of collaboration areas 

If you want to improve your team’s ability to collaborate, you must provide them with the appropriate environment for this to happen. Collaboration areas must be designed for both privacy and visibility. Employees need to have their own space to work in, but also be able to see each other.

You can provide this visibility in various ways, including placing collaboration places near windows, ensuring these areas are visible from other parts of the office, and using screens or separators when necessary. There should also be a clear way for receiving and routing supplies and materials in collaboration areas.

5. Add an activity hub 

By providing an area for your employees to unwind and recover from the day, you can boost their capacity to focus and concentrate. You can accomplish this by adding an activity hub to your office. A small activity hub can consist of a couch, a set of chairs, and a bookshelf containing board games or puzzles.

These additions will not only give your staff a place to decompress and relax, but they will also enable them to communicate to solve problems and tackle issues that may arise in their individual jobs. The social interaction that comes with working together will increase employee morale, which can further boost their productivity.


Employees can focus on their work better when they feel comfortable and relaxed. You can create this environment by taking steps such as removing disruptive distractions and adding more natural light to the office. You can also respond to each individual’s needs, such as offering noise-cancelling headphones to someone who is easily distracted by sounds. With these enhancements, you can turn your office into an oasis of productivity.

There are ways to make your office a more comfortable place to work, such as offering flexible work schedules, providing a pleasant work environment, and offering an ergonomic workstation. Providing your employees with a comfortable workplace also goes a long way toward helping them relax and recoup. A relaxed employee is a more productive employee.

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