Wilsin’s Collaborated Event About Traditional Businesses Becoming Part Of Our Smart Nation

Wilsin’s Collaborated Event with Ti Ventures Pte Ltd

The rise of the Internet Boom has forced businesses, big and small, to rethink the status quo and question – how does it benefit my business?

Realising we are not the only business facing this pain point, in collaboration with Ti Ventures Pte Ltd, we organised our first closed door event addressing this inevitable issue that is on every owners’ mind.

We invited 3 CEOs to share their journey from noticing gaps in their industries, how technology was successfully adopted to create new business opportunities and the obstacles they faced.

Dr Fan Xiaohu, CEO & Co-Founder of Wuhan BoHu Science & Technology Co Ltd
As the aging population in China is rising, more elderly are living alone while their children work in other provinces. Noticing this trend, Dr Fan’s company developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) home system to ensure the safety of these elderly, giving their children a peace of mind.

Dr Cheng Jianwei, CEO & Founder of Wuhan JIMU Intelligent Technology Co Ltd
Despite logistics sectors being around for many years, not much is done to improve the safety and wellbeing of their drivers. Using Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology, Dr Cheng’s team used it to specifically address problems faced by the traditional industry such as accidents due to fatigue, speeding or reckless driving.

Mr Jason Ng, Founder of ALLiN Technologies Pte Ltd
With a deep fascination for technology, Mr Ng’s company embarked to understand and use Neurotechnology to improve children’s lives no matter their social background. Their research allowed the company to develop user-friendly teaching tools applied in rural parts of China to teach students even without a certified teacher.

Ti Ventures Pte Ltd and Wilsin Singapore Pte Ltd Collaboration
From left to right: Tan Soon Liang (Ti Ventures Pte Ltd), Dr Fan Xiaohu, Dr Cheng Jianwei, Cindee Sim (Wilsin Office Furniture Pte Ltd), Jason Ng, Zhang Jie

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