Becoming A Smart Nation

AI, IoT, E-Commerce and Big Data – words you’ve seen and heard repeatedly but how do they benefit my business?

The rise of the Internet Boom has forced businesses, big and small, to rethink the status quo. If we don’t start adapting as technology rapidly disrupts our environment, a business successfully built over the years can be made obsolete.

Speaking about “Becoming A Smart Nation – Where Do Traditional SMEs Stand?”, come and hear from 3 successful traditional business owners on how adopting technology revolutionised and created new business opportunities for them.


Dr Fan Xiaohu

Dr Fan Xiaohu
CEO & Co-Founder of WuHan BoHu Science & Technology

TOPIC: Protecting Families with A Smarter Home

Dr Fan Xiaohu graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a PhD in 2011 and started the company in 2015, specialising in the R&D of Artificial Intelligence smart home solutions for smarter and safer homes. The company’s core project – 感知i家 – came in 2ndplace for the Special Innovation Award in the National University Network Design Competition.

In 2016 Dr Fan was the “Youth Entrepreneur” Gold Award winner in the National University Entrepreneurship Competition. Furthermore, Dr Fan also received the prestigious Wuhan 3551 Optics Valley Talent Scheme, which isa RMB 2M governmental support for promising entrepreneurs. Currently, Dr Fan and his team are working towards building an Old Age Service Medical Institution and Smart Elderly Nursing Home.

Mr Jason Ng
Founder of ALLiN Technologies Singapore

TOPIC: Technology Bridging A Social Divide In Rural China’s Education

Mr Jason Ng graduated from Nangyang Technological University in 1997, and was the recipient of Singapore’s Internet Business Model Master Scholarship. Pursing his strong interest in technology, Mr Ng started ALLin Technologies in 2011, to focus on the R&D of Internet of Things to transform traditional businesses, including the pedagogy of childcare centres.

Furthermore, with his knowledge and experience in Intellectual Property, Mr Ng has been invited to participate and speak at the United Nation’s Intellectual Property Office events on several occasions.

Dr Cheng Jianwei
CEO & Founder of JIMU

TOPIC: The Future of Mobility: Smart Driver Support Systems

Dr Cheng Jianwei graduated with a PhD from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2012. While studying, he came across the automotive Advance Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology and realised its potential to enhance the safety of drivers. With that, Dr Cheng co-founded JIMU in 2011, that uses computer vision perception technology to develop intelligent safe driving solutions.

To showcase their products, in 2014, Dr Cheng participated and won an entrepreneurship competition. Following that, he also won the “Science and Technology Innovation Award” in a 2015 competition organised by China Optical Engineering Society. Dr Cheng is also a recipient of the prestigious Wuhan 3551 Optics Valley Talent Scheme, which is a RMB 2M governmental support for promising entrepreneurs.

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