UNO Office Chair Facebook Giveaway (October 2018)

Office Desk Space System Singapore

The answer for Wilsin’s October Giveaway is the Telescopic Beam for our Deskspace system!

Deskspace features volumetric flexibility to the length and width of your workstations. It fully optimizes every inch of your workspace by enabling storage solutions above and beneath the workstations. This configurability allows up to 70% of the components to be reused thus achieving cost savings in the long run.

Features of Deskspace include:

Telescopic Beam 

Caters to various table length alterations for multiple configurations.

Interconnecting Bridge

Main element for width alterations.

Cable Management

Cable and wire storage to minimize clutters.

Leg Sharing

Enables two separate table tops to be secured to one non-handed leg, giving room for more leg space.

Brass Receivers

Helps to sustain the components for multiple configurations.

Desktop Grommet

Allows quick access to cables and plugs.


Pei Ying Tan

for being the lucky winner of Wilsin’s UNO Office Chair Giveaway!!!