5 Quick Tips to Feng Shui Your Office

Chinese Feng Shui Office Design Singapore

We spend most of our waking hours in the office every day. This makes creating a comfortable and conducive working environment an important task.

Based on Chinese philosophical system of creating harmony in a physical environment, Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. Applying concepts of Feng Shui in your office not only improves the energy flow in your space, but also increases productivity and quality of work.

here are easy tips that you can use in your office today:

  1. Re-arrange your desks and chairs – One of the important elements in office Feng Shui is to have strong backing. As much as possible, avoid having your back facing the door, window or areas with heavy human traffic. This is considered poor Feng Shui because it depletes your energy and promotes insecurity. It also gives rise to opportunities for sudden backstabbing from others who have ill intentions.

Quick Tip: Try to arrange your office work desks and chairs with your back against a solid wall, which represents having strong support in your work.

  1. Energize with indoor plants – Plants are a great way of bringing in fresh energy. This is especially useful in enclosed offices where the air-conditioning is turned on all the time, with close to zero opportunity of getting fresh air. By choosing the right indoor plants, you can instantly beautify and uplift the mood of your office.

Quick Tip: Some popular choices of indoor plants include Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm and Rubber Plant. They are pleasing to the eye, easy to maintain and able to eliminate indoor pollutants.

  1. Reduce clutter on your desk – When it gets busy in the office, it is easy for clutter to accumulate and sometimes, it also gets challenging to keep work spaces clean and organized. Piles of documents lying around the work desk has the impact of zapping your mental energies, which can adversely impact work productivity. One way to get organized is by installing proper storage systems in the office, where every department gets its allocated space for document storage.

Quick Tip: Instead of shoving piles of documents into your filing cabinets, cultivate a habit to sieve through documents accumulated at the end of every workday. Junk out unwanted documents and file those that you need into its proper place.

  1. Choose good lighting – Lighting plays an important role in creating the right ambience for your office. If the lighting in your office is too dim, it will bring down the energy levels of your staff. As much as possible, allow natural lighting to enter the office and ensure enough lighting points for every workstation.

Quick Tip: Use energy-saving bulbs to provide sufficient lighting while enjoying cost savings for your monthly utilities.

  1. Choose the right chairs – In Feng Shui, comfort is also one of the key elements to promote good energy in the office. This includes choosing the right type of office chairs for you and your staff. As long hours are spent in your chair each day, it is important to select chairs with good back support and cushioning. Investing in ergonomically designed chairs encourages a healthier, happier work environment. This also leads to higher productivity, which contributes to business success.

Quick Tip: Differentiate the chairs for office staff and visitors. When picking chairs for visitors, it is not necessary to be overly comfortable, as you do not want to encourage them to overstay their visit. Conversely, invest in the furniture for your staff because they are crucial for business success and business owners want to retain good staff as long as possible.

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