5 Tips for Creating a Productive Office Workstation

5 Tips for Creating a Productive Office Workstation

It takes more than rearranging your desk to creating productive office workstations in Singapore. Although we often associate the workplace with a desk, chair, and computer, it’s so much more. The space in which you work directly impacts how much you get done each day. Your productivity is affected not only by the arrangement of your furniture but also by the setup of your office. A cluttered workstation or messy shelves can negatively impact how much you do during the day.

A productive workstation has many factors, from lighting to noise reduction. Creating an ordered space not only allows you to focus better but also helps to minimise stress caused by clutter and disorganisation. If you’re ready to transform your workstation from unproductive to productive, keep reading for some ideas and recommendations on how to do so.

1. Establish organisational strategies

Before you even start looking at furniture or rearranging your office, you should think about how you want to organise your space. Which items will remain on your desk, and which will be stored? Will you be keeping things on shelves or in boxes on the floor? Although it may seem a little tedious, taking a few minutes to consider how you want to organise your space will benefit you immensely when it comes to finding items later on.

Consider the following organisational strategies before organising your space:

  • Make a list of everything you’ll keep on your desk. Be specific about the items you keep close by, such as a stapler or a computer mouse. 
  • Create some general categories for goods that don’t fit neatly into any of the existing ones. You may, for example, decide to classify all your papers into one or more categories, such as projects, finances, and administration.
  • Consider investing in a filing system. Despite the technological advancements in filing systems, nothing beats a good old-fashioned filing cabinet. 

2. Set up a good lighting scheme

Lighting can have an impact on your productivity just as much as it does on a painting. Poor lighting, whether too bright or too dim, can cause fatigue and stress, making it difficult to complete tasks. Good lighting, on the other hand, can leave you feeling energetic and ready to tackle your most critical tasks.

3. Add noise-cancelling products

Noise reduction is key to creating a productive workstation. Whether the noise is caused by people in the office down the hall or by the sound of the air conditioner, it can be impossible to focus when there is too much noise. If your office is loud, it may be best to find another place to work, like a coworking space, where you can find a quiet and productive workstation. If you can’t relocate your office, you can do a few things to create a more peaceful work environment. 

If you’re unable to relocate your office, there are a few things you may do to make your workplace more peaceful. Try wearing noise-cancelling headphones while you work. They may not be the most stylish accessory you wear, but they can significantly reduce or eliminate the noise in your environment. If you’re in an open office, you may want to try using a sound machine. A sound machine can help cancel out unwanted sounds and create a more peaceful environment for you to work in.

4. Incorporate a comfort item

If you prefer to fidget or have a comfort object, such as a pen or a stress ball, you may be hesitant to use them at your workplace. Whatever your comfort object is, you may feel it is counterproductive to use it at your desk.

However, these items can help make your workday more effective and less stressful. If you’re nervous or anxious, you can use comfort items to help you calm down. For example, if you’ve difficulties focusing during extremely long meetings, you may want to keep a stress ball nearby. Squeezing it during times when you become distracted or anxious can help you refocus on the discussion and get your mind back on track.

5. Install a productivity tool

There are numerous solutions available to help you increase your productivity. The secret is to identify the ones suited for your work style and those you actually utilise every day.

  • To-do lists – This may sound insignificant, but many people don’t keep to-do lists because they believe it’s unproductive. While you may have heard that to-do lists are ineffective, they may be beneficial if kept short and specific. 
  • Sentence starters – If you’re having problems getting started with your writing, sentence starters can help you get your thoughts out and onto the page faster.
  • Meditation – Many people underestimate the effectiveness of meditation, yet it may be incredibly beneficial for stress reduction, improved attention, and creativity. 


There are a few steps that you can take to transform your office from unproductive to productive. First, you’ll want to establish organisational strategies, set up a good lighting scheme, add noise-cancelling products, incorporate a comfort item, and install a productivity tool. With these strategies in place, you can be confident that your office is prepared to get as much done as possible.

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