3 Major Office Design Mistakes Every Company Should Avoid

3 Major Office Design Mistakes Every Company Should Avoid

While it may seem straightforward, designing an office is a very involved process that calls for numerous considerations. If your business needs an overhaul, it is essential to conduct some homework before implementing the most recent trends in office interior design in Singapore.

Before making any modifications to your workplace, it’s crucial to conduct some research as your employees’ levels of productivity and collaboration may be impacted by your workstation in addition to your company’s image.

To help you make sure your office workstation gets a definite upgrade instead of a downgrade, here are 3 of the biggest office design mistakes you should avoid when designing or arranging your office space.

1. No diverse workspaces

Different types of work require different workspaces to foster a work environment ideal for productivity and innovation. Most industries today find that having an office with a traditional layout and plenty of cubicles is no longer sufficient.

In fact, it has been demonstrated that diversified workspaces increase worker productivity and focus. Therefore, provide your staff with workstations that embrace modern trends, such as collaborative workplaces, if you want them to be productive and perform well in their jobs.

For the most employee-friendly and diverse workspaces, you should consider integrating zones for formal client meetings, casual breakout rooms for team collaboration and brainstorming, quiet spaces for concentration, and open spaces for bonding and chance encounters, so your employees can constantly feel collaborative, creative, and connected.

2. Poor lighting

Lighting is an essential component of office space. Skimping on this aspect by using only a single light source is a big no-no, as it can adversely affect your employees’ productivity and even have a negative impact on their eyesight and health.

When deciding on your office space’s lighting, layer your light sources to produce varying atmospheres during the day, late afternoon, and even in the evening. Finding strategies to boost natural illumination in your office should be considered in addition to artificial lighting. Natural light, especially early in the day, can significantly nurture the mental health of your staff.

In essence, exposing workers to high quantities of natural light in the workplace enhances their sleep, resulting in higher productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

3. Dull paint colour

Wall colour is another essential aspect of an office space that must be carefully considered. Painting your office walls and purchasing furniture pieces without first having a larger colour scheme in mind is one good way to create a space that does not match well.

The colour of the walls is yet another crucial element of an office space that needs to be carefully considered. One easy approach to making an uncoordinated environment is to paint the walls of your office and buy furniture before having a larger colour plan in mind. Hence, before you choose what colours to paint on your office wall, you should first finalise the colours and designs of your upholstery and other office furniture.

Moreover, when selecting your office paint colours, avoid the drab and dull ones as much as possible. Neutral colour tones are already a thing of the past. Nowadays, businesses already opt for spaces with more colourful walls and furniture so as not only to incorporate their branding with their space but also to add a bit of energy and personality to the office.


Lack of diversity, poor lighting, and wrong colours – are only some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid when coming up and deciding on your office workstation design in Singapore.

When designing and arranging your office, you should put plenty of time, effort, and thought into researching and representing your business brand if you want your office space to impact your employees’ productivity and satisfaction positively.

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