Space is at a premium in today’s work and office environment. It is important to make best use of available workspace effectively and efficiently by clever optimisation, to the extent of choosing or ‘right sizing’ the actual space you need in terms of manpower, workflow and future needs, in order to get the most value out of your cost per square foot.

The benefits are cost and time savings, minimum disruption to staffs and operations, headache avoidance and future-proofing your business. This involves reworking and reconfiguring the space, organising office functions and furniture to work seamlessly together, incorporating different workspace elements like lighting, storage, inter-communication, technology equipment etc, and coordination with 3rd parties like IT and facilities.




You deserve a reliable, trustworthy and professional commercial and office renovation service provider with over 25 years of experience and expertise in the industry.

Having served various MNCs and SMEs like Changi Airport Group, Shaw Theatres, EMAS, Galmon, Maersk, GSK, Song Fa and many more with our top notch renovation services including turn-key projects and project management, we have successfully turned them into satisfied clients and long-term friends. You can have peace of mind knowing your office renovation needs are in good hands.


The office space is arguably one of the highest in the company’s expense list, there is a need to make sure we maximise that investment. Your workforce often spends more number of hours at the work-place than at home, what can we do to make that workspace for them a conducive one that they enjoy working in? What about the intangible value of impressing your clients when they step into the office, thereby strengthening your brand value?

Whether you are a new business requiring office interior design or looking to spruce up your current office area, we will re-look with you at your workspace with a fresh pair of eyes and refine the workspace so as to realise the full potential of the workspace.

Re-thinking your work place has a real impact on your staff morale and therefore your company’s bottom-line. Re-think your space, re-work your place to redefine your face (of your company). We got you covered every step of the way with our clear design process to create a functional yet aesthetically-pleasing office space which you and your staff will love and be proud of.




Since 2009, Wilsin has set herself apart by designing and producing her own office furniture systems that are flexible, configurable to meet the future needs of clients like you. As your business expands or restructures, there are constrains to add or reconfigure the workstations.

To solve this, our system furniture solutions offer great flexibilities in optimising your existing office space by allowing the freedom to configure in terms of length and width, thus saving you the need or trouble to purchase new sets of furniture and/or move to a larger or smaller space, resulting in long-term cost and time savings, and having a positive impact on the environment.


Integrated and strategic. That is our design approach to bring about maximisation of your workspace functionality, delivered speed with quality, while not sacrificing creativity and professional image.



Through profiling and in-depth discussions with our clients, both parties are aligned with on the project objectives, deliverables, available budget and limitations, development schedules.



Conceptualisation is the creative and dynamic part of the design process. We develop and propose layout and blueprints based on the discussed needs and objectives. The concept is solidified and approved based on a series of revision and refinement.



Based on the blueprint and scope-of-work that is agreed upon, the next logical step of the process is to proceed with the actual work of office-space fitting, dry and wet works, suitable furnishings and installing future-proof furniture solutions that is flexible and configurable. Throughout the work, client will have the opportunity inspect the work done.