Established in 1989, Wilsin shifted from just producing office furniture to providing customers with far-sighted office space solutions as well. The reason is simple yet profound.

Wilsin specialises in work space planning and consultancy and end-to-end customised office fitting as well as providing future-proof, space-maximising furniture. We know that as customers expand their businesses, they will face space constraints when they need to increase or reconfigure their work-stations. Our key focus is to help companies maximise their real estate investments by re-thinking and optimising their office spaces through in-depth consultation and fitting their office spaces with innovative office space management solutions.

Besides having a strong presence in Singapore, we have more than 25 years of experience in exporting quality office furniture to more than 10 countries across the Asia-Pacific and recently, to Europe and the Middle East.

Our flagship product is the configurable modular workstation system known as Deskspace, which enables organisations to maximise their office space. Deskspace is our patented design technology that fully optimises every inch of office space with integrated storage system above and beneath the workstation. With up to 70% reusable components, Deskspace promotes sustainability and long term planning.


Established in 1989, Wilsin’s core philosophy is to put people’s needs first, with the passion to provide long-term office space maximisation and practical office space usage solutions to customers, beyond just selling furniture.

Having been in the office furniture industry for 2 decades, Wilsin’s innovation has always been based on her in-depth understanding of customer needs. We are driven by the shared passion of our founding directors, Cindee and James, to provide work-space maximising solutions that is well-thought-out and future-proof.

As part of our growth strategy, Wilsin has designed and developed a smart office-workstation system (FIRA and BIFMA certified) which allows very dynamic flexibility in the configuration of workstation’s length, width and height. Customised to your growing needs, office-workstation system fully optimizes every inch of office space by innovatively enabling storage solution above and beneath the workstation.

The unique ability to reconfigure the office desk system allows up to 70% of office workstation components to be re-used, resulting in the reduction of wastage and long-term cost savings. Coupled with efficient office-space planning consultancy that Wilsin offers as part of its services, Wilsin delivers her promise to help companies increase manpower capacity without having to increase expensive office floor space.

Wilsin solutions and products can be found in countries including Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea. Wilsin is constantly looking forward for opportunities to build strong and long-term working relationships with international partners.


To help companies save money through innovative office design, enabling long-term flexibility and
excellent space management.


To be the market leader for office design solutions in the Asia Pacific region by continuously offering effective and innovative solutions, and alternatives to traditional office design that cannot be re-configured in tandem with changing office space needs.

To uphold its excellent customer service and give business owners far-sighted advice to maximize space planning of their office premises.

To bring the best value to customers through continuous innovation to create value for-money and eco-friendly re-usable flexi-furniture solutions.

To holistically develop a staff team who constantly grow in their professional knowledge as well as improve in their personal well-being.